Columbia, Missouri's most disruptive student-run agency

Created by students for students, Relevant Youth seeks to make education in the digital age more relevant. 


I was hired on in the agency's founding year as the Creative Director. I lead a group of 10 passionate students of varying majors and oversee the content creation process from beginning to end.


The Lookbook

Relevant Youth, in partnership with The Bridge, created a lookbook to showcase the store's products. I was involved in nearly every part of the book's creation: delegating projects to team members, communicating with members of other teams, attending the shoots and approving the book's overall design.



As RY Creative Director, I was also tasked with cultivating our brand's image over social media. Wanting to position ourselves as disruptive and youthful, my team and I decided on cool shades with pops of color and eye-catching graphics.